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Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences

offers multi-disciplinary, live-interactive, webinar-based
post-professional degree, certification, and CE programs
that weave together behavioral and physiological sciences
into client-centered learning service applications.


Webinar Certification program: Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst

The Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst program (Educational Capnography) is a fully live-interactive webinar-based curriculum that qualifies healthcare practitioners, human service professionals, performance consultants, and health educators to: (1) to assess breathing habits and their effects on health and performance based on the principles of behavior analysis, (2) to assist clients in managing and/or overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits that compromise physiology, psychology, and performance based on the principles of behavior modification, and (3) to use educational capnography instrumentation for assisting their clients in identifying and overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits.

The 125-hour curriculum includes three 15-hour workshop courses (45 hours), one 30-hour Case Review Seminar, and one 50-hour Service Practicum (working with clients in your own setting). If interested, those completing the Certificate also earn six ACADEMIC UNITS and 75 CE HOURS (continuing education) upon completing the Certificate.

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