Capno Plus

The CapnoPlus: $850.00

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The CapnoPlus is a USB-based software-operated accessory instrument. It turns the CapnoTrainer into a comprehensive breathing learning system that provides for observing and recording autonomic (ECG) and somatic (muscle) physiology while using the CapnoTrainer. It is an independent one-channel instrument that operates seamlessly together with the CapnoTrainer as a single instrument. It does operate separately from the CapnoTrainer.

The CapnoPlus includes: • ECG (cardiac) signal: raw wave form and heart rate • HRV: based on R-wave beat to beat calculations • ECG spectral analysis: independent display of HRV band widths • EMG (muscle): raw and rectified signals • EMG spectral analysis: real-time 3-D display

Use the CapnoPlus™ for observing, identifying, teaching, and learning breathing-related habits and their patterns: • Observe breathing: somatic, autonomic, & respiratory physiology. • Teach or learn relaxation based on breathing mechanics & HRV. • Observe HRV bandwidths & their connections with emotion & stress. • Identify breathing triggered autonomic changes (emotions). • Monitor the use of breathing accessory muscles (e.g., trapezius). • Identify breathing-triggered muscle contractions (e.g. masseter) • Identify muscle habits associated with breathing mechanics. • Teach & learn breathing mechanics, e.g., diaphragmatic breathing.